School Shouldn’t Be Scary

For a lot of my Northfield neighbors with school-age kids, back-to-school time may be the scariest time of the year this year. At the very least, it’s worrisome. Parents usually look forward to having more personal space when their students go back to school. Now there’s an ogre living in that space. And it’s thinking about retying the apron strings so tight children won’t be free to live their lives — when that’s exactly what parents want them to do. It’s so darn complicated.

Currently Northfield schools are planning hybrid learning for middle and high school students, leaving three days a week when they’re home, learning online. For some, that’s no problem. But many students can use some extra one-on-one support.

I am putting myself out there as an at-home mentor on students’ virtual days. Here’s why:

  • I am patient and a good listener
  • I have loved the teaching I’ve done
  • I am a writer and editor, skills all students can benefit from (and yes, I know that “from” is a dangling preposition. But it’s also colloquial; this isn’t an academic paper.)
  • I crave a new challenge.

If you’re a parent feeling stressed and could use a break, I hope you’ll contact me. I am not going to do your student’s homework. I will, however, help your student stay on track, even excel. That’s my goal. And in these times, we all need a goal. Let’s talk about your questions and how I can help. Please visit my contact page and fill out the simple form.

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