Student support is coming to you.

Elizabeth Child’s Mentoring Services

One-On-One Attention

I may not actually drop from the sky, but I will arrive through technology to offer your child in the Northfield area the academic attention needed to soar. I help not only students, but also parents who are stretched, overworked, and need a break. I primarily mentor middle and high school students. I will meet with your child via Zoom either during the school day or after the school day ends. $42/hour, includes assignment review to prep for hourly sessions.


Learn from a pro. I’ve been a high level communications professional for 30 years. My work has been published in magazines and newspapers, and in ads, brochures, and online vehicles for companies and nonprofits. With that background and my teaching experience, I help students in middle and high school learn to organize ideas into well-written assignments in English, social studies, and related subjects. (That said, I will not do their homework for them.)

And something extra …

I also am a creative writer who can coach students in finding their unique voices through poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or essays. No grades, just great adventures.

Thinking about at-home support? Great idea!